Welcome to Foodzi,

Given the current COVID-19 outbreak; guidelines are issued by administration on preventive measures to be taken by restaurants, hotels, cafes etc to contain the spread of COVID-19. It is advised to provide disposable food menus for safety of customers and staff both. Sharing food menu digitally is ideal.

You can register on Foodzi below and pay Rs. 2,700/- (Including Taxes) for one food menu as onetime fee! New registrations are required for additional food menus. 4 free menu updates for 1 year. Location QR Codes are tracked via GPS. For offline payment details, click contact us link above. We also provide menu design services at reasonable cost.

Upon successful registration and payment, QR Code will be auto emailed to your email to place on tables for customers to scan and get food menu digitally.

Click here to download Foodzi android mobile application to get digital food menu. The mobile application provides history of food menus downloaded for quick access in future to even order food online. Modern iOS and Android phones allows scanning QR code directly!

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